Feeling overwhelmed by constant change in the workplace? Reorgs, departures, and transformations can leave us with unresolved emotional baggage.

This workshop aligns with Inner Development Goals by creating a safe space to share experiences, find support from colleagues, and build a more sustainable work environment together. This fosters self-awareness, connection, and resilience, all aspects crucial for personal and professional growth. Join us and explore what’s possible.

This workshop will expand your IDG Toolbox to:

  • facilitate space for emotional completion.
  • build trust and connection with your team.
  • foster a more sustainable work environment.

Workshop facilitators


Susan Tomasko is a Team Coach and Scrum Master who empower individuals and organizations to navigate change effectively while fostering a culture of mindfulness and collaboration. She guides teams through transformative journeys with skill and empathy. Her expertise extends to systemic and embodiment coaching, integrating yoga and mindfulness techniques to promote holistic well-being and resilience.


Christian Hofstetter helps leaders shape human-centric, sustainable, and smart-performing workplaces. He collaborates with leaders and teams at every level, fostering an environment where curiosity thrives, and potential flourishes. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, I tailor my services to meet you where you are on your journey.

Financial contribution

We ask all participants for a financial contribution (donation) that helps us cover the basic expenses. For those who have already participated in Swiss IDG Hub events, we recommend CHF 15, and for new participants, CHF 30. These are only price recommendations and not requirements. You can also pay an amount on-site that is appropriate for you.