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The United Nations’ Global Goals For Sustainable Development (SDGs) give a vision and goals for what needs to happen to create a sustainable global society. However, progress is not happening fast enough. There is an urgent need to increase our collective abilities to face and effectively work with the complex challenges.

The initiative

Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a non-profit initiative for sustainable development, partnering with leading academic institutes, corporations, public bodies and NGOs globally, and the creator of the well-recognized IDG framework and toolkit (both science-backed and open-source). Their vision is societies where inner development and human flourishing are regarded as keys for healthy lifes, a healthy planet and sustainable change.

The IDG framework and toolkit were created to catalyze the achievement of the SDGs by helping policy makers, corporate leaders, organizations, citizens and communities enhance their competencies to face and effectively work with the complex challenges of our times.

IDG has rapidly gained significant attention since its inception. At the heart of the initiative lies a collaborative approach, with co-creation serving as its driving force. IDG is proud to receive ongoing contributions from an expanding network of esteemed scientists, practitioners, and organizations worldwide who provide valuable insights to shape the IDG framework and toolkit. Swiss IDG Hub serves as a vital partner in national-level learning and development endeavors.

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The framework The IDG framework encompasses the following 5 dimensions and 23 skills or competencies:


The IDG framework is grounded in a science-based understanding of inner development and aims to provide universal goals and a universal skill-set for inner transformation towards sustainable development, drawing on a vast and well-researched field of knowledge. Together with the supporting toolkit, it is designed for easy access and application. With a 2 million participant global survey, IDG is going to check which adaptations might be needed to ensure the universality of the framework.

You can find a detailed description of the dimensions (including the goal formulations) and the toolkit on the IDG website.

The movement

Early on, IDG global called for support from professionals at the local level to reach as many people as possible with their important work for sustainable development. Within a year from the first Global IDG Summit in April 2022 only, over 250 local and regional “IDG Hubs” have emerged in over 60 countries, helping to make the IDG framework and particularly the work with it accessible to individuals and organizations globally. Swiss IDG Hub, with support from the existing local and regional hubs in Switzerland, is aiming to become an official IDG country hub.

IDG Hubs are autonomous groups of people and/or organizations that support the IDG Initiative by building local or regional networks and communities, creating events and educational programs, offering professional services to interested organizations as well as cooperating with institutional and funding partners. Open-mindedness and cross-sectoral perspective, experiment and practice, collective exploration, learning and action are at the core of the hubs’ activities. Anyone interested in the IDG movement can join a hub’s community or even a hub itself.

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