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Swiss IDG Hub – Empowering Research, Inspiring Change

This space is dedicated to accessing valuable resources, engaging in collaborative research, and being part of a global community committed to advancing the field of inner development. To foster a deeper understanding of inner development and promote collaborative research initiatives, explore the wealth of knowledge within our community, contribute to our ongoing projects, and engage with like-minded researchers and organizations worldwide.

Our Book

We are delighted to announce our forthcoming publication in collaboration with De Gruyter – “Inner Development Goals: Stories of Collective Leadership in Action.” This book is a culmination of inner development stories, academic insights, case studies, tools & methods, and artistic expressions initiated and explored at IDG gatherings globally. It serves as a repository of knowledge, best practices, and inspiration to support the work of IDG networks and their members.

Research Mentoring

Swiss IDG Hub is committed to nurturing the next generation of researchers passionate about inner development. Our mentoring program provides guidance, resources, and a supportive community for individuals embarking on research projects related to inner development, sustainable change, and collective leadership. If you are a budding researcher, explore the possibilities of joining our mentoring program to accelerate your research journey.

Global Partnerships in Inner Development Research

We are actively seeking collaborations with organizations around the world that are at the forefront of inner development research. If your organization is dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in the field of inner development, we invite you to partner with us. Together we can increase the impact of our collective efforts and contribute to a more conscious and sustainable world.

Present your research

We invite researchers to contribute to our ongoing initiatives. Whether you have academic papers, case studies or artistic expressions related to inner development, we offer you a platform to share your work with our community. Join us in broadening the understanding of inner development and its role in creating positive change.

Shape the understanding of the transformational skills needed for a sustainable future.

Shape the understanding of the transformational skills needed for a sustainable future.

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