Come and learn, and contribute to this important global initiative.

Swiss IDGs Hub is an initiative of a group of well-experienced professionals deeply engaged in individual and collective human development and flourishing together with Impact Hub Basel, who are all about sustainable social entrepreneurship. Together, we cover a broad spectrum of the science-based methodologies and tools embedded in the IDGs framework along with leading sustainability concepts and know-how like circular economy or doughnut economy.
We are a core team and a growing community of IDGs-related enthusiasts and contributors. We collaborate with the local and regional IDGs hubs in Switzerland and partner with IDGs global.

What we do

We connect people and organizations across sectors to create awareness about the IDGs, work with them and learn from them as well as from each other. We do that through community gatherings and special events, public speaking, IDGs-based workshops and programs (public and for organizations), and through consulting or coaching when needed.

Financial contribution

We ask all participants for a financial contribution (donation) that helps us cover the basic expenses. For those who have already participated in Swiss IDG Hub events, we recommend CHF 15, and for new participants, CHF 30. These are only price recommendations and not requirements. You can also pay an amount on-site that is appropriate for you.