Interested in a deeper connection to nature and an understanding of social change? Be part of our workshop on the IDGs and specifically nature connection, led by Dr. Anaïs Sägesser.

Experience connection not only with nature, but as nature. Based on the Inner Development Goals, especially “Relating – Caring for Others and the World”, we will open up our perspective on the world. Our meeting point is the Impact Hub Basel, from where we will walk to the Langen Erlen, Basel’s beautiful recreational area just around the corner. Please bring the appropriate clothing (incl. possibly a seat pad, such as a yoga mat or cushion), we will spend at least 30 minutes in the forest in any weather and also take a seat on the ground.

What awaits you in nature

  • Basics of natural philosophy & transformative learning
  • Discover practical applications through nature exercises
  • Explore ways to contribute to real connection and sustainable change

Why participate in nature?

Learn with Dr. Anaïs Sägesser about nature connection and how it can change our perspective on the world and our actions.

Veranstaltung auf Spendenbasis

Wir bitten alle Teilnehmenden um einen finanziellen Beitrag (Spende), der uns hilft, die Grundkosten zu decken. Für diejenigen, die bereits an Veranstaltungen des Swiss IDG Hub teilgenommen haben, empfehlen wir CHF 15, für neue Teilnehmende, CHF 30. Dies sind nur Preisempfehlungen und keine Voraussetzung. Sie können auch vor Ort einen Betrag bezahlen, der für Sie angemessen ist.