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Our offerings are designed to support individuals and organizations on their journey of inner development, fostering sustainable change and collective growth.

Community Gatherings & Special Events

Whether you seek self-awareness, meaningful connections, or enriching conversations, our events offer a variety of opportunities. Join us in creating an inclusive and nurturing environment that resonates with your inner and collective development.

Workshops & Development Programs

From dynamic workshops to comprehensive development programs, we’ve tailored experiences for organizations such as Lafiya Innovators, Hoffmann La Roche, InTent, and Impact Hub Global. Explore our engaging sessions grounded in the IDG framework, designed to catalyze inner and outer sustainability. Our IDG Learning Lab invites you on a transformative journey, integrating mindfulness, strengths practice, deep listening, conscious speaking, systemic thinking, teaming and more.

Impact of the Program

  • Build and sustain self-awareness through integrated mindfulness & strengths practice
  • Cultivate understanding through deep listening and conscious speaking practices
  • Gain new perspectives for their challenges by deep connection and sharing with the other change-makers in the program
  • Innovate from a place of deeper connection with themselves, stakeholders & life
  • Collaborate in co-creative and impactful ways through systemic thinking and teaming
  • Drive change more consciously and sustainably, applying and sharing IDG tools and Learning Lab insights

IDG Learning Lab

A space to discover, experiment and embody new lenses and “muscles” to drive the changes we need to see in the world, individually and collectively, from an inner place.

4-month transformative journey, a unique program rooted in the IDG Framework for Sustainable Global Progress. This interactive experience combines theory and practice, offering 5+1 facilitated sessions, 6 self-organized pod sessions, and individual exercises. Explore core tools from mindfulness and strengths practice, conscious communication, systems thinking, and even improv theater, fostering self-awareness, deep listening, innovation, and conscious collaboration. Gain practical insights through SDG-related prototyping and apply learnings to real-world scenarios. Praised by the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change leaders, the program delivers impactful results and equips participants for conscious, sustainable leadership. Join us for this transformative experience for inner and outer sustainability.

Learn more about the lab (PDF 836 KB)

Consulting & Presentations

Enhance your organization with the transformative power of the IDGs. Our team, equipped with a deep understanding of inner development, offers workshops, training, team and individual coaching, and impactful keynotes. We speak and share insights at public forums, conferences, and gatherings. Let us guide your organization towards a journey of profound self-discovery and unlocked potential.

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