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From our community gatherings to our special events, workshops, development programmes and presentations, we aim to create inclusive and nurturing environments that empower people on their individual and collective development journeys.

Community gatherings

Whether you are seeking a space to deepen your self-awareness, connect with like-minded individuals, or engage in meaningful conversations, our community gatherings offer a rich tapestry of opportunities.

Swiss IDG Forum 2024

Transformational Leadership in Action

The Swiss IDG Forum 2024, the first of its kind, is a place for organisations and individuals across sectors and generations in Switzerland to learn about the IDGs and how to apply them effectively, and to network for action towards a more sustainable future. It is hosted by Swiss IDG Hub, country partner of IDG global, in cooperation with multiple partners from Switzerland. Leaders are in the driver’s seat. The forum’s focus therefore is on transformational leadership.


  • Cross-sectoral, action-oriented face-to-face event for organizations and individuals to learn about the IDGs and how to apply them in their context
  • Mix of inspirational keynotes (renowned speakers), panel discussions, best-practice workshops and experiential sessions, connected and enriched by storytelling (ideally one or two main storyteller-presenters) and artistic performances/interventions
  • Main space (auditorium) & side (or satellite) spaces for parallel workshops/sessions

Facts & Figures

  • Location (tbc): one of the big Swiss cities
  • Date (tbc): one full day
  • Size: 200 to 400 attendees, with at least two internationally renowned speakers

Do you want to get involved or to sponsor the event?

The first step will be to join our partner event in September. In the meantime, tell us more about your interest and share your contact information.

Workshops & development programs

We have already supported organizations as diverse as Lafiya Innovators, Hoffmann La Roche, InTent, Impact Hub global, Baloise.

IDG Learning Lab

Building on the IDG framework, our interactive, experiential and action-oriented IDG Learning Lab is designed for individual and collective learning and development towards greater inner and outer sustainability. This includes a prototyping process around existing or new SDG-related projects of the participants where the learnings are applied. As part of the program, participants are invited to establish an individual ‘inner’ practice routine with the exercises provided.

Impact of the program

Participants will be able to better:

  • Build and sustain self-awareness through integrated mindfulness & strengths practice
  • Cultivate understanding through deep listening and conscious speaking practices
  • Gain new perspectives for their challenges by deep connection and sharing with the other change-makers in the program
  • Innovate from a place of deeper connection with themselves, stakeholders & life
  • Collaborate in co-creative and impactful ways through systemic thinking and teaming
  • Drive change more consciously and sustainably, applying and sharing IDG tools and Learning Lab insights

The program

Key characteristics:

  • 5 +1 facilitated interactive sessions (1,5 to 3 hours each) + 6 self-organized pod sessions + individual practice to explore the IDG framework and its value for work, leadership and collaboration
  • Theory, practices and peer-support to gain insights, discover perspectives and embody behaviors for greater impact
  • Application of the learnings to your field of work through SDG-related prototyping
  • Key (meta-)concepts and tools the program draws on: Immunity to Change, Teaming, Learning Organization, Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, Theory U, Integral Theory, Positive Psychology
  • Experiential & action-based learning
  • Limited number of participants

Consulting & presentations

Enhance your organization with the transformative power of the IDGs. If you’re intrigued by the IDGs and wish to integrate profound insights and practices into your workplace, our team is here to help you. Our consultants and facilitators possess a deep understanding of inner development and extensive expertise in introducing the IDGs. We offer a range of services including workshops, training, team and individual coaching, and keynotes that ignite curiosity, foster self-discovery, and unlock untapped potential through simple yet effective practices.

We also speak and give workshops at public forums, conferences, gatherings etc.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how we can support you on your journey of inner development for sustainable change. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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