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Workshop Highlights

In this workshop, we first aim to explore how to engage in an embodied way with ourselves and others: feeling into the depth and variety of our moment-to-moment experience, and the ways in which this resonates with those around us. Informed by contemplative and clinical methodologies, we will be leading a step-by-step experiential group process where we practice to sense into the somatic, affective, cognitive and relational dimensions of our being. Secondly, we will individually and collectively integrate these inner experiences to start applying them in our respective daily life circumstances.

Key Benefits of Attending

  • Developing self-regulation & co-regulation skills for greater general wellbeing.
  • Living in a more embodied way, fostering groundedness and centeredness. Integrating inner experiences in relationships and the workplace, skillfully expressing vulnerability.
  • Learning when to trust others and collecting data for the application of IDG methodologies.

Workshop facilitators


Boaz Feldman is a pragmatic visionary, clinical psychologist, trainer, researcher, and contemplative acting for positive change.


Marc Santolini is long-term research fellow at LPI research (Paris), a visiting researcher at GeorgiaTech, and a resident of Life Itself, exploring group practices for resilience and performance.

Financial contribution

Please note we’re asking for a CHF 20 contribution to cover logistics fees.