In the symphony of life, the quiet strength of listening and the power of pause often slip by unnoticed. This exploration uncovers the depth of these seemingly simple yet profoundly impactful elements – listening and pause – and their role in personal reflection, social bonds, and systemic change.

Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.

Despite Epictetus’ renowned words our world is fraught with noise and frequent misunderstandings. A vast majority admit to being told, “you do not listen”, yet few confess to being poor listeners. While rarely a focus in leadership training, listening is a fundamental skill in the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) framework, considered a prerequisite for other skills.

The workshop will be interactive and engaging, placing participants at the center of activities without relying on theory or PowerPoint presentations. We’ll explore storytelling, metaphors, painting, drawing, and the impact of music. The sessions will include both small group discussions and interactions within the larger, comprehensive group.

During and after this workshop, participants will:

  • actively explore the Art of Listening.
  • experience how “conscious pausing increases the quality to act from a more conscious state of being”
  • be able to respond, instead of reacting, in their future interactions
  • increase their self-awareness to improve their communication skills
  • be able to maximize the impact of their presence during their communication exchanges

Workshop facilitators

Irene Contreras

Irene Contreras started her professional career in the world of communications within the UN and other international organizations in Geneva. Since 2017, she works in the field of Medical Education and Faculty Development. She holds a degree in translation and interpreting and a master’s degree in international relations. As an ICF accredited coach, she focuses on helping individuals to proactively foster a sense of purpose to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. She also helps organizations, teams and leaders understand the impact of interculturality in business and leverage our differences as strengths. Irene’s website

Matthias Laeubli

Matthias Laeubli is a Senior Consultant who brings a wealth of hands-on business experience. Having collaborated with clients across various industries, countries, and cultures, he specializes in identifying and nurturing senior executives and high-potential individuals. Matthias holds a master’s degree in psychology and is a certified professional coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation (PCC).

Financial contribution

We ask all participants for a financial contribution (donation) that helps us cover the basic expenses. For those who have already participated in Swiss IDG Hub events, we recommend CHF 15, and for new participants, CHF 30. These are only price recommendations and not requirements. You can also pay an amount on-site that is appropriate for you.