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Inner Development Goals: Stories of Collective Leadership in Action

Join us in crafting the narrative of the book


We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of a book on Inner Development Goals (IDGs) with one of the leading academic publishers, De Gruyter, co-edited by Eleftheria Egel and Mauricio Campos Suarez

The purpose of this book is to enhance the reader’s understanding of the IDGs framework, foster emotional connections and inspire action towards a more sustainable future, with a particular emphasis on ‘collective’ leadership.


Inner Development Goals: Stories of Collective Leadership in Action will collect inner development stories and practices, academic insights, case studies, tools & methods, reflections & questions as well as artistic expressions initiated and explored at IDGs gatherings around the world. The overall aim of the book is to become a repository of knowledge, best practices and inspiration that will support the work of IDGs networks and their members.

Guidelines for contributors

Submission categories

We invite submissions in the form of one or more of the following five categories in any of the five dimensions and/or skills of the IDGs (see graph on the right).

  • Category 1: EXPRESS (art) – submissions in this category should focus on connecting with emotions through art, such as painting, photographs or poetry, related to the respective dimension. Inspiring and inviting to connect with self and nature.
  • Category 2: CONNECT (stories) – storytelling (life stories, learning experiences, etc) related to the respective dimension.
  • Category 3: REFRAME (frameworks & research) – academic work and cognitive perspectives that explore and deepen understanding of each dimension.
  • Category 4: PRACTICE (tools, practices, enablers, etc) – practices and techniques that promote inner development within the context of the given dimension.
  • Category 5: REFLECT (self-inquiry) – submissions should invite the reader into a reflection journey into the self. Relating with others, the system and who they are. Ideally helping through powerful questions to unfold new perspectives and world views. Journaling is an integral part of this category.

Types of contributions

Contributions can aim (but are not limited to) to cover one of the following aspects:

  • Expand the reader’s understanding of the IDGs framework.
  • Explore diverse tools and methods co-created by an intentional and purposeful global community.
  • Offer a process on how to transform mindsets, improve collaboration among individuals and groups, and change systems.
  • Look into the impact of culture on the IDGs framework, the narrative and the tools used to promote the IDGs.
  • Explore how the IDGs framework relates to other existing conceptual frameworks.
  • Use the IDGs framework to broaden our thinking regarding what is possible.

Evaluation criteria

  • Depth and relevance: Submissions should demonstrate depth and insight into the chosen dimension, offering valuable insights and perspectives for readers to develop their skills within the specific category. Considering impact and outcome in their community.
  • Clarity and coherence: Authors should present their submissions in a clear, coherent manner, ensuring that the content is easy to comprehend and aligns with the broader themes of the book.
  • Originality: Submissions should be original works created by the authors and should not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property rights of others.
  • Contribution to the book’s purpose: All submissions should contribute to the overall purpose of the book, which is to foster personal and collective growth, encourage positive change in the way individuals relate to themselves, others and the world.
  • Diversity and inclusion: We strongly encourage submissions from the Global South and underrepresented groups.

How to submit

Authors are requested to signal their interest in contributing by submitting a chapter proposal or preliminary abstract of no longer than 1000 words to the editors no later than November 30, 2023, using our submission form.

Proposals will be reviewed by the editors, who will make a decision about proposals by December 30, 2023. For those proposals that are accepted, the complete papers (around 8000 words) will be due by March 30, 2024.

Do not hesitate to contact the editors if you want to discuss your idea or need more specific guidance:

Illustration of book 'Inner Development Goals: Stories of Collective Leadership in Action'
Portrait Eleftheria Egel

Eleftheria Egel

Eleftheria is a scholar, female mentor and impact-driven educational entrepreneur. The focus of her work is on social sustainability. Her research and publications are in the fields of spiritual, female and sustainability leadership & entrepreneurship. Her most recent publication is an edited collection on the ethical challenges and implications of the COVID-19 crisis management. She is Executive Board Member of One Planet Education Networks and Advisory Board Member of Ethics International Press. In the past, she served on the board of the Management, Spirituality & Religion division of the Academy of Management.

Eleftheria is passionate about helping others break down assumptions, encourage new ways of thinking and push the boundaries of what is possible in our lives, organizations and societies. She loves to learn and uplift others. Close to her heart lies girls’ education in developing countries.

Mauricio Campos Suarez

Mauricio is based in Basel, Switzerland. He is co-founder of the Swiss IDG Hub and coach & mentor of several startups. He is a certified and accredited Executive & Team Coach: PCC by ICF (International Coaching Federation), EIA & ITCA by EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), LCP (Leadership Circle Profile) & ICP (Agile Certified Professional) with 15+ years of experience in executive coaching & cultural transformation work, new ways of working and agile. He is a Systems Engineer from UTN (Buenos Aires) and an Executive MBA from IE University (Madrid). He has a diverse background of 20 years working in large corporations as a change agent in business transformations with a special focus on leadership development, customer experience, digital health innovation, ecosystem co-creation and internal process optimization.

He lives by the principle that everyone is a leader. When people better understand themselves and their system, the impact (and unintended impact) they have, and identify their purpose, they are in a great position to lead. His mission is to help leaders and organizations increase their connection and engagement to create the best work environment where everyone feels valued and maximizes their effectiveness.

Portrait Mauricio Campos Suarez
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