Deep dive into the key concept included in IDG Global Leadership for Sustainable Development Programme. Lutz Hempel will share his experience and key takeaways as a participant of the first global IDG leadership programme. Together, we will explore techniques to deepen self-awareness, expand consciousness, and nurture personal growth.

High level agenda:

  • 09.30 Introduction and warm up
  • 10.00 Summary of the programme, practices and reflection
  • 11.30 Overall reflection on (further) collaborating and acting in our hub/community (incl. our three key topics from the last gathering, but not only)
  • 12.30 Closing

Donation based event

We invite all participants to make a financial contribution (donation) to help us cover basic costs. For those who have already participated in Swiss IDG Hub events, we suggest CHF 15 and for new participants to the group, we suggest CHF 30. These are guide prices only and are not a prerequisite.