Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is a tool successfully used in conflict resolution, fostering cooperation among individuals, groups, and organizations, as well as in peace negotiations. NVC functions as both a communication framework and a mindset. As a framework, it helps improve communication skills, especially in conflict situations. As a mindset, it enhances integrity, authenticity, self-awareness, connectedness, humility, empathy, and compassion. In that sense, NVC boosts many skills identified as crucial for sustainable growth and development by the IDG.

This interactive workshop is for anyone seeking further development in these areas. Through inputs, exercises, and discussions, we’ll explore aspects of the NVC framework, focusing specifically on the mindset and its capacity to enhance beneficial qualities within ourselves and our interactions with others.

By the workshop’s end, participants will have had a taste of what it’s like to communicate according to NVC and gained insights into how NVC can help develop various IDG skills.


Lara Yasmin Hunziker, has a background in physics from the ETH and is currently a Masters student in Sustainable Management and Technology at EPFL/HEC/IMD. She has two years of training in NVC, including a year-long course in embodying and teaching NVC with Joram Mosenzon. Lara Yasmin is inspired by witnessing how NVC continually improves the quality of her relationships with others and with herself. She’s passionate about sharing the NVC mindset in the hope that it can help improve everyone’s interactions and connections in their lives.

Donation based event

We invite all participants to make a financial contribution (donation) to help us cover basic costs. For those who have already participated in Swiss IDG Hub events, we suggest CHF 15 and for new participants to the group, we suggest CHF 30. These are guide prices only and are not a prerequisite. You can also pay on the day any amount that you consider fair.