Movement as thoughts, feelings and emotions

In this workshop, we explore what mindset is needed and how we can approach true/authentic empathy. We build our experience upon a few theoretical factors created by Otto Scharmer with his Theory U. These factors will be the guidelines when we step into practical encounters through a movement process.

This movement process definitely allows us to dive into and enhances the process of PRESENCING, one of the core factors of Otto Scharmers Theory U and a core factor for empathy very generally.

We will explore the U – Process of Download – Observe – Silence – enacted in the here and now which definitely will lead us into a process of intuition, the deepest level of wisdom we have led us to the noblest way to perform empathy /deep understanding / togetherness. The outcome is not only a win-win but an emotional uplifting for all (projects included).

To begin this workshop, we will hear a story that demonstrates this process in the most exciting and breathtaking way.

Draft agenda:

  1. Welcome and arriving 5’
  2. Introduction: u-process the connection with the self and sense-making 30’
  3. Presencing: movement exploration 90’
  4. Wrap up: sharing and discussion 25’

Donation based event

We invite all participants to make a financial contribution (donation) to help us cover basic costs. For those who have already participated in Swiss IDG Hub events, we suggest CHF 15 and for new participants to the group, we suggest CHF 30. These are guide prices only and are not a prerequisite.