Exploring the Global Leadership for Sustainability (GLFS) Model

Sustainability is a multidimensional concept that extends its human focus to the well-being of all beings and future generations, even those beyond our immediate sight. Prioritizing the well-being of the environment, society, and future generations is at the heart of sustainability, guiding new narratives founded on a diverse worldview encompassing qualities like love, presence, and wisdom. As a result, there is a growing need for new skills and collective capabilities. Given the social and environmental challenges faced by organizations, there’s a demand for innovative leadership models, methods, and tools to drive organizational change for sustainable development, which forms the essence of the Inner Development Goals and the Global Leadership for Sustainability model.

During this interactive session, we will introduce GLFS research and share practices that foster dialogue to advance our collective knowledge and experience. GLFS is a science-based framework for individual and collective transformational leadership. It emphasizes a commitment to moving beyond the mere satisfaction of stakeholders’ economic demands, focusing on adopting a sustainable, triple-bottom-line approach. Supported by extensive research in spiritual leadership and leadership development, this framework provides a strong theoretical foundation, an effective assessment method, and proven practices. Incorporating both moral and leadership dimensions, GLFS interweaves ethical considerations, such as moral imagination and intergenerational responsibility, with economic, environmental, and social factors to drive sustainable and responsible leadership.