St. Gallen is set to join our Switzerland Inner Development Goals Hubs Network!

A group of scholars and practitioners at the University of St.Gallen are launching an IDG hub, based on the belief that integrating the IDGs as a complementary framework to sustainable leadership development can help translate the HSG vision of promoting integrative thought, responsible action, and an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation in business and society into practice – in research, teaching and outreach.

The Hub is a collaborative effort between team members of the Sustainability Innovation Lab (ITEM), the Responsibility & Sustainability Team, and the HSG Competence Center for Social Innovation, who believe that the HSG can play a strategic role in the global movement by:

  • Bringing researchers and scholars together around collective exploration and action around Sustainability, Innovation and Leadership
  • Learning, innovating, prototyping, practicing, and sharing applications of IDG-inspired tools
  • Connecting with experts from the private sector, the local community, and other cantonal institutions to create local events, action days, or programs to support further activities within the Hub
  • Liaising with partner organizations to help fund local and/or global development of IDGs
  • Sharing stories, recordings of lectures, event designs, and presentations with local and global communities